Monday, November 14, 2005

Time for the Opposition to Change Tactics

I had an on-line discussion with a friend a few minutes ago. Amazing thing with today's technology is that you can have a discussion with someone instantaneously even if the Pacific Ocean and a couple of US States stand between you and him.

The discussion was your usual cabbages and kings and from time to time the thread went askew with the question, what was happening in the Philippines? The discussion noted that aside from the rape case of six American soldiers and GMA bashing of media, things seemed to have quiet down.

Things do seem to have quiet down for the moment. Despite attempts of the opposition and anti-government forces to drum things up, the interest does not seem to be there. The running priest's crusade against corruption seems to have floundered on his own self-righteousness. Even attempts to hold a people's court seemed to have lost the sparkle it once had. The mauling incident of a Green Peace member at Masinloc, Zambales and the alleged rape case in Subic, Zamabales easily replaced whatever news worthy value of the moves of the political opposition. Rallies, people's court and even political masses serve not to pressure someone from power, nor to educate people about the truth, these things are done to generate media attention and public interest. And when a rape case and the beating up of a green peace volunteer in Masinloc steal the thunder from your cause, you better rethink your stratagems.

The political opposition has to consider that, contrary to what GMA and Malacanang has stated, media in the Philippines is neither a bad boy nor a bully. Rather a fair number of the media are enterprising individuals not guilty of giving a bad picture of the Philippines but of sensationalizing things for their own end and agenda. How would you explain the predilection of a number of programs for showing manslaughter in the neighbourhood, rape or molestation as fillers for the news? A number of media only report stuff that is news worthy or exciting.

For the political opposition well its time to rethink your tactics. The old stratagems will not work. For one thing no one was assassinated.

And for us readers and punters of the news it pays to be critical of everything one reads, hears and watches.


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