Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tricks of the Trade

If you look carefully at events this year a lot parties with agendas and advocacies have been desperately attempting to gain attention of the public eye or in certain cases the world eye. Why do they do this? Well in the era of public relation and spin this one sure way of getting recognition, getting power, and destroying an institution or someone – which is in itself a means to get into power.

So what are the strategies that have been employed?

Rallies for and against someone is always useful. Occupy a stretch or two of roads and one can claim that there is a popular uproar or in certain cases popular support.

Instigate proceeding against an incumbent power or close to power, regardless of the legal validity. This is extremely popular if the target enemy is unpopular and in power. To the innocent the people engaging in such action might look like the often cited but in truth purely fictional knight in shining armor. Also, The way things land in the popular press is as soon as there are allegations then it must be true. Woe, it is if someone goes against popular opinion or opinion held to be true for those who believe in absolutes. Fortunately, for the critical thinkers lynch mobs are only used against the powerful and the perceived immoral people.

If the fails, conduct more rallies and prayers, nothing makes a campaign more effective than wrapping oneself with morality, it is even more effective than wrapping the national flag around one’s cause. Claim the upperhand and paint the enemy black. Better yet launch a people’s court. A venue for the truth, your truth, to be heard. Remember, the objective here is to be remembered not justice. In fact your assembly has as much legal authority as a US Circuit Judge in China during the time of Shi Huang Di,

Also it is effective in your cause if you have a symbol of oppression. It could be a concerned stranger from a foreign land. Who gets beaten up. Or better a old Grandmother or mother who fights for the principle remember Rosa Parks or Don Chino Roces. Or better yet a dead political leader, if he were assassinated the better remember the success of the Sandanistas or of Benigno Aquino.

If you are in power what can you do. Wrap nationalism around your clause. Resort to name-calling, effective words include power hungry , terrorists and adventurists. To counter the call for change cite progress and stability. Employ every legal trick in the book. And do not cave in.

The Romans had a phrase for this and it was Breads and Circuses.


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